Pisces Full Moon


Welcome! Are you ready for the full moon and autumn equinox?

The colorful leaves are warning of the dark months to come…

Pisces is the last zodiac sign, so this is an excellent time to look at things you may need to end. And with the autumn equinox only two days it encourages us to look for balance.  Pisces’ tarot card is the moon –

She has beautiful images on her Pinterest board – https://www.pinterest.com/ChhaviTarot/

This is a time to think about what things are you clinging to hoping that it will bring a different outcome than what has been proven? Pisces brings with it emotional energy, use that to examine your feelings about a situation or person – WARNING – don’t get caught up in the moment and let those emotions carry you away. You will need to set boundaries. 

Pisces also brings with it a healing energy. Is there a situation or a person that you need to remove yourself from? If so, this Pisces full moon may prove the time to do it. Use it’s healing to help you move on. 

And don’t forget this full moon is known as the harvest moon so take some time to list the things in your life that are bringing you harvest (both emotional and financial – joy is as important as having enough money to pay for doughnuts!). It is also a time to look to the next month, do you need to tend something so you can harvest from that for the long dark months ahead?

For more journal prompts, four cards for intuitive readings, and ritual ideas, download my free journal. (I’ll post the link to the autumn equinox one tomorrow, I need to fine tune a couple of things). 

If you are feeling led, select a card from the three below. Make sure you take a moment to think about the card’s meaning and journal on it (there is a place in the full moon journal). 

Card #1

Card #2

Card #3

Aquarius Full Moon


Aquarius Full Moon – take 2 (the 1st one was in July). This month’s full moon is on the 22nd. Twenty-two is a master number of when the loftiest dreams (remember setting those BIG intentions during the Lion Gate portal???) become realities.  This energy will add a boost to the surge of creative energy of this full moon.

Blast of creative energy

Hopefully, you set big intentions on the new moon using the extra energy of the Lion’s Gate portal. And you should be seeing some seeds of those intentions growing. If not, don’t give up! With the Sun also wrapping up its journey in the sign of Leo at the time of this Full Moon, there is an added boost of creative and courageous energy to help you make those intentions grow and bloom.

The last half of this lunar cycle will be all about taking the guesswork out of what needs to happen. Take some comfort in knowing that if you do need to make a decision, there is energy on your side that brings clarity, allowing you to make a clear-cut decision.

While the creative energy of Aquarius will have us wanting to do all the things, stop before jumping in. Remember this is also a time of release. Are you clinging to ways of thinking or ideals set for you by someone else? This is a time to develop new habits, ones that celebrate you. 

The Magic of Crystals

Searching for a couple of crystals to charge during the full moon? Peridot and amethyst would make good choices. Both can be submerged for the night of the full moon.  


Peridot is a crystal with healing and abundance energies. It can aid in the release of the unwanted emotional baggage (remember the 2nd half of the lunar cycle is all about release).  When feeling emotional drained from releasing beliefs, people, or ways of doing things, splash some of the moon water you charged with peridot on your face and wrist.


Amethyst is another great crystal for this full moon. Besides the fact it’s the Aquarius crystal, it has energy for calmness which we all may find ourselves in need of. With so much powerful energy being released this month, you may find yourself exhausted. Place an amethyst under your pillow for a peaceful nights sleep. This is also a time we may find ourselves questioning what needs to be release and what needs to be cultivated. Amethyst also brings wisdom and courage to those holding/wearing it. When faced with tough decisions of what to release, try meditating while resting a moon charged amethyst on your forehead (if laying down) or on your wrist.

This month’s full moon journal includes prompts on numerology, an oracle card spread for intuitive reading, sunflower magic, reflections on intentions set during the last new moon/the lion gate portal, and a place to list what you should be releasing  during this waning cycle. It’s a free download – Here

Meteor Shower Witchy Stuff


Happy Perseids meteor showers.

It’s predicted this will be the best meteor shower in 20 years! 

A meteor show is the universe supplying us with endless wishes

They will grace our sky between August 12th and 13th. Peaking on the night of August 13th, the Perseids are expected to light up the sky with over 120 multicolored meteors visible for an hour making it an ideal night work some meteor magic. 

Since we are just finishing up a new moon in Leo, the Lion’s Gate Portal, and several combinations of numerology this is a pretty powerful time. Where the things of last week can feel like overwhelming emotional tides, meteor showers are more like bright little bursts of inspiration. 

When I watch shooting stars streak across the sky during a meteor shower, I feel awe and like I’m sharing something ancient and monumental with the person next to me.

So bundle up tonight and sit out under the stars; we’re in for a special treat.

Things to take…

Folding chairs or blanket to sit on

Warm beverages

Blankets to keep warm

Set up your viewing space with the chairs and blankets and get comfy.

As you look up and watch the shooting stars…

  • What in your life needs a spark of inspiration or a boost of energy. Are you working on a new project or starting a new relationship? 
  • Is there something in your life that needs a fresh outlook (the glitter of a falling star)? 
  • As a star crosses the sky, imagine a potential path you could take. It doesn’t always have to be a ‘serious’ path, let your creativity run wild. Where would it take you?  

Leave the journal at home but make sure you take a few moments to journal about your experience when you come in. 

Tonight, my wish is…

Ritual time

If you are feeling pulled to a ritual, here are some suggestions:

 A hour to hour and a half –

Choose a crystal or pull a tarot card to guide your thoughts.

Find a comfortable place to practice introspection of the event.

After a few deep calming breaths while holding your crystal let your eyes close.

Imagine catching a falling star. What is it revealing to you about you? What part of your life is it showing you?

Allow your intuition to rise inside you and trust what you sense is the answer(s).

When you are ready allow your eyes to open and take a few deep cleansing breaths. Look back and enjoy the show. Let the stars finish speaking to you.

The most important thing – ENJOY it!!!!

Leo New Moon Energy


There is so much energy swirling around this new moon, the air actually seems to be vibrating with it. I talked about the numerology side of the energy yesterday (there is a select your guiding power of 3 card as well as a part of yesterday’s blog – scroll down if you are interested).

Link below to download the journal

The August 8 Leo new moon brings sudden, unexpected change, impulsiveness, instability, chaos, and rebellion. But also the courage to face the sudden change in circumstances. This unsettling enegry can be exciting but it also make you restless and impulsive. Avoid rapid changes in area. Take a moment and breath then move forward.

Leo enegry may have you feeling the strong urge to express yourself without restrictions. Leo energy is a major ego boost – and that’s not always bad! It will give you the confidence needed to set the big intentions for this powerful new moon. While many equate ego with a negative trait that isn’t always true. You could have an under fed ego – this lunar cycle is time to feed it – all the doughnuts it wants!

Why are big intentions needed?

This new moon is also the Lion’s gate portal. What can be expected during the Lion’s Gate Portal? You can expect a supercharge of creativity and passion! Let’s use that to finish this year off in a whirl wind of manifestations! While Leo is a sign of fire – remember from fire comes rebirth!

From the ashes build your beauty!

(The Lion’s Gate Portal is formed when the sun is in Leo and the star Sirius rises, and it peaks on 8/8, or the eighth day of the eighth month, August. All this celestial energy combines to form a “portal” in which high vibrational energy can flow through the physical and spiritual realms. In the wake of this strong, potent spiritual and celestial energy, you can do some serious energy and manifestation work! )

This enegry will bring open-mindedness and the ego to lead you down a brave new path filled with exciting opportunities.

New Moon Journal Prompts

Things to think about when setting your big intentions!

(These are also in the free new moon journal)

  1. Where is my ego underfed?
  2. What can I do to feed my ego?
  3. Is there an area in my life that my ego is overfed leading to close mindness?
  4. What possible changes are needed? How can I find the courage to make them?

I’ll post a card reading answering these questions for myself as well as one for the general masses.

Happy intention setting!!!!

Leo New Moon


There are soooo many things happening during this new moon…

– It’s on August 8th – the luckiest day of the year

– It’s the Loin’s Gate Portal

– The power of 3 is also present


So where do we start in looking at making the most of this?

Let’s look at the the numerology of this new moon.

The Luckiest Day of the Year

People who have power and excessive wealth often have the number 8 in the thier birth charts. But for those of us that don’t (mine is a 7 ~the seeker – I’m starting a series on Monday August 9th on numerlogy so if this is something that interest you make sure to drop by) we can still benefit from the luckiest day of the year.

Eight is considered one of the luckiest numbers in numerology. Visually, an “8” is also literally an infinity symbol turned upright, which represents its unlimited potential. This make August 8 (8/8) even more significant as it charges this date with the energy of success and abundance (on top of it being a new moon).

The 8/8 engery added to the new moon engery added to the raging fire sign – Leo’s engery and you have a lunar cycle begininning on the lion’s gate portal. All of this will make a powerful period for putting your intentions out inot the universe.

The Strength card from the Witches Tarot deck is a great illustration of all the stuff coming up…

We have the lion (the card is aligned with Leo), the infinity sign, and rubies/roses (signs of power/abundance). The card reminds us that we have an abundance personal power to accomplish anything you put your mind to.

The Power of Three

How does the number three come into play? This is of course as with must things in the world of magic a personal way of looking at it.

August is the 8th month, the date is the 8th, and the year is 2021. So 8+8+2+0+2+1= 21 then 2+1= 3

Three is a magical number. In religions all over the world, there is significance in the number three. Three different aspects of the same deity will make the whole, commonly called a trinity. There is Past, Future, and Present. The Triple Goddess — maiden, mother, and crone. According to many beliefs, the world is divided into three — heaven, earth and hell. In storytelling (and our lives), there is a beginning, middle, and end. Genies and leprechauns offer three wishes. We hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil. It takes three points to form the first geometric shape: A triangle, giving three another magical connection. Spells are often recited three times. There are only three primary colors, from which all other colors are created… You get the idea.

To use the power of three with this new moon and the loin gate portal. Break your intention down into three stages. Work backwards from the end to figure out how to get through the middle and then to the beginning. Imagine this goal as a story. Set up each part of this process in a spell and work your way through it, just as you’ll have to do in reality. Find spots that may give you trouble and break it into three again. You’ll find both magic and life problems are much easier to understand when you divide them into three manageable parts

The three’s in tarot are powerful cards… What is your guiding three for this journey? Select a link and it will take you to the card.

Card 1

Card 2

Card 3

Card 4

See you tomorrow as we talkl about the Lion’s Gate Portal. Don’t forget to download this month’s New Moon Journal. I have also include an intutive reading/prompt.

Intention VS Goal


We are approaching the first quarter moon, Saturday, July 17, and the lunar cycle will be in Libra.

How are your intentions coming? Libra wants to know if you are in balance with them? Did you set aside time for self care? For family/relationship care?

Are you seeing your intentions come to light? If not it could because you have over committed or you set a goal not an intention.

What’s the difference?

For one, a goal is something you’re set on accomplishing in the future. (I want to loose 16 lbs vs I plan on eating more fruit) Goal setting, however, can also make you feel somewhat stuck. When you’re hyper-focused on a goal, you may find yourself living less in the present and focusing more on this aspect of your future. (All the things I’ll be able to do when the 16 lbs are gone and how will I find the budget to buy all the cute clothes).

This can also bring about the feeling of having less in your now because you are so focused on this future goal. (Oh, I’ll wait to do that when I’m 16 lbs lighter)

An intention, however, is about living in the now. What does this mean? It means that rather than focusing on a substantial, maybe even stressful long-term goal, you’re living your day to day with the mindset that you will achieve. You will spend your days being who you want to be. You will accomplish. No if, ands, or buts about it! Because you’re living your day-to-day how you want to, that’s the first step in achieving! Living with intention is living outside of the realm of victory or loss, because the goal is to feel how you want to feel, regardless of outside forces. A goal risks setting you back, but an intention will propel you forward.  (I’ll go to the beach everyday, even though I haven’t lost 16lbs. I’ll paint my fingernails the bright colors because I want to).

While I’ve used the weight loss goal/intention, let’s look at another example. My goal is to write and publish a three more books this year. If I simply set this goal, I will most likely find myself super excited and motivated. BUT then comes the first hiccup and good-bye motivation. Now, if my goal is to publish by books and my intention is to be present and proud of the work I’ve accomplished, (which if you look back over the last couple of lunar cycle where I state my intentions this is it). When hiccups come along, I don’t jump off the rails into the ditch where my intentions are and that keeps my goal on track. Because I’m proud of the books I have published. I’m proud of the book I’m editing. I post about them and talk about them. So this keeps me striving towards my goal.

I hope that helps 🙂

Three Card Spread –

Now on to the spread. The cards spoke LOUDLY! And I know someone is going to ask if this is staged – nope. And if it feels that way to you please feel free to move on. Thanks. I’ve been using the Beyond Lemuria oracle deck by Izzy Ivy for this lunar cycle. I love it! It’s also the one I used in this this lunar cycle journal (it’s a free download – go check it out!

The Infinite – This is a card of rebirth. You may have gotten off to a rough start or carried some hiccups into the new moon. And while you may feel like giving up, this card is a reminder that you got this. Take care of yourself and believe, amazing things are coming your way. 

Healing – Goes with the message from the first card. You need to rebalance and what better time to do it than during a Libra moon phase! Acknowledge that an area in your life needs healing but don’t focus 100% there – remember this is about balance, heal and move on at the same time

Radical Expansion – You are sooooo going to rock the reminder of this moon cycle! You go!!!

Have a great weekend!

Witchy uses of Marjoram


Happy Herb Wednesday!

Since Saturday is the quarter moon and it’s in Libra, I thought marjoram would be the perfect herb to highlight. It’s a ‘balanced’ herb (yeah, I know corny but what can I say).

The First Quarter Moon – Saturday, July 17

Get specific and take action!!!

Marjoram has many qualities that make it ideal for spells, protection, cooking, and health.

It’s pleasantly aromatic herb with a floral yet woodsy fragrance that is nice in potpourri. Coffee and marjoram is one of my favorite winter potpourri base blends.

Marjoram is similar to oregano and has over 500% of our daily recommendation of vitamin K. I love chicken stuffed with crushed fresh marjoram and chopped garlic. Sooooooo yummy! The leaves and flowers can be used to make tea (it’s on the bitter side for me but I know many people love it).

Magic uses…

Marjoram is good for love spells. In the language of flowers, it symbolizes blushing. Try drinking it in wine or tea, or anointing your body with marjoram infused oil, or just put a sprig under your pillow before sleep as part of a dream divination spell for this purpose. Now I personally don’t think a love spell is always about finding your soul mate – it can be about loving yourself. Falling in love yourself.

For general protection of the home and family, place a marjoram leaf in the four outer corners of your home or use it in a floor wash. This protects against strife between members of your family and the others who dwell in the home. It is also believed to ward off general bad luck. You can also add it to family meals to protect the diners from discord among one another and to enhance their love for one another. (You must eat the meal together.)

Enjoy the day!

Calling All Pyromancers


I’m knee deep in edits on The Dragon Witch ….

So I thought I’d chat a little about pyromancy (fire divination). Pyromancy is part of the magic system in my book and while I don’t personally practice it, I found it so interesting! Pyromancy is the use of fire to gain insight into a situation or an answer to a question. (Note: if you read my book, I’ve enhanced this a bit) 

Interesting facts:

It’s been around for millennia and was probably one of the earliest forms of divination. 

In Renaissance magic, pyromancy was classified as one of the seven “forbidden arts,” along with necromancy, geomancy, aeromancy, hydromancy, palmistry, and scapulimancy.

In Japan, specifically, turtle shells would also be used as a ritualistic divination technique. In Tibet such divination was used to understand natural phenomena otherwise inexplicable to villagers. Lamps using animal fat were often burned by ancient Tibetan peoples, and the smoke and flames were interpreted as the guidance of natural forces.

Fire rituals in East Asia most often revolved around animal bones. The bones from animals would be thrown into fires. The cracks and flame formations would be interpreted to divine the future.  

Will Myra be willing to pay the cost of controlling her fire magic?

The East Asia is the form I based my pyromancy on.  In The Dragon Witchy, it’s a form of scrying, the same as crystal ball, mirror, and water gazing. Myra uses her dragon’s fire to perform the scrying; it is also the source of her magic. 

I would love to hear from anyone who does practice pyromancy/fire divination. I’d love to include information from a practicing witch in the notes of my book and do an interview for the publisher’s website.

It’s a Capricorn Full Moon


Capricorn is the sign that gets stuff done at all costs. With this full moon following so close to the Summer Solstice, it will be a great time to surrender, release and let go of what is no longer aligned with you energetically.

When the full moon arrives this month, it is a perfect time to reflect on how hard are you willing to work for your dreams. Capricorn is a reminder that hard work is a requirement. During this full moon is a perfect time to ask yourself if you are willing to pull out all the stops out.

Write down a list of all the things you’ve bought into your life in the last two weeks. Think about what feels good and what doesn’t. Capricorn energy is not about dragging unwanted things with you add that to a full moon – a time of release – this is when you should be unloading all the negative things.

Journal Prompts

A few journal prompts that may help you (more are in the New Moon journal – link below): 

  • What does abundance LOOK like for you? 
  • How can you ruthlessly create that into being? 
  • What needs to go for you to make space for what you want? 
  • What does the kind of person look like and act like who is living the future you want for yourself? 

Balance a Capricorn Full Moon energy with Solstice


Woodsy, grounded scents are what Capricorn moons pull us towards. So you may find yourself digging through the fall and winter candles/incents in search of cedarwood, cypress and myrrh again. Make sure to something like sweet orange or lavender to keep the mood light.

I love to ‘bake’ oranges during the Solstice Full Moon


Like with the scents Capricorn colors are usually darker and heavier. Instead of wearing black or dark blue, which can draw us into Capricorn’s moodiness, try brightening it up with neutral or soft colors or a tropical scarf, something that isn’t serious.

Capricorn Full Moon Card Reading

I used the Witches Tarot Deck again.

This reading like the one for Summer Solstice I also changed the questions or intent of the cards. Because the full moon is in Capricorn, so there is still a desire to work hard but you’re at the end of your project or journey, not the beginning.

This moon helps us finish what we started and enjoy the fruits of our labor. It also gives us time to focus on looking inward, not outward for validation. If your emotions are a little on edge and you’ve been moody, really take time to figure out why and then move on. Take responsibility for your emotions but don’t try to control things. Overall, use this Capricorn energy to be responsible, finish up what you need to get done, and then let go and enjoy time with friends and/or family. After all, this moon falls within the week of the summer solstice, so there’s plenty to celebrate. This spread helps us to let go of control if that’s something you’re dealing with during the full moon.

  1. Where (in what aspect of my life) do I need to let go of control? (Page of Cups)
  2. What is the first step in releasing my desire to control things? (Four of Swords)
  3. Where else can I devote my desire for order and persistence? (Death — not scary!! Make sure to read below)
  4. What will this release of control (potentially) bring me? (Ten of Cups)

If this reading has spoken you then things are all set for you to rock!!!!

  1. The Page of Cups is telling you that you need to let go your own limitation. You can reach the sky, you just need to let yourself. Trust your ‘gut’ and believe in yourself! You got this!!!
  2. What is the 1st step you need to take? Four of Swords is here to tell you to step back and take a deep breath. You have what it takes to make your dreams come true now you just to need to focus. Inhale the positive energy.
  3. And this is where the Death card comes in. You need to cut out (put to death) the things you use to distract yourself from your dream. Then you see the the steps that you need to take.
  4. Is there really a better card for this question than the Ten of Cups??? I mean if I was to stage this reading, I would have selected this card. What will the Death of distractions and belief in yourself bring you??? OHHHHH JUST RAINBOWS AND HAPPINESS AND WEALTH!

The Capricorn Full Moon journal is available for free download 🤩There are prompts, oracle cards for intuitive journaling, how Capricorn will impact this full moon, and blank pages. http://www.susanschmock.com/.

Summer Solstice Tarot Reading


Hello and happy Summer Solstice eve! Below are the cards I pulled for a general masses reading. I used Witches’ Wisdom Oracle cards by Barbara Meifklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters.

A beautiful deck! Available on Amazon

I did my usual 4 card drawing but because the purpose of the drawing was different, the questions they answered were different from my usual drawing. I still had the top card be the significator only instead of having an intention I’m applying it to, I’m developing my path from the meaning of the card.

Questions answered

Card 1 answers the questions what are the immediate influences regarding the direction the significator points me.

Card 2 represents the perception  I have in regards to the significator.

Card 3 (is the same as in my usual drawing) – Hope and fears concerning the direction the significator points me.

The Reading

Significator – I didn’t actually draw this. I selected it because it’s a drawing in Litha’s honor so who better to have as your significator? As we enter this season of light, Litha shines upon you, helping you to step up to the next level. What have you been resisting taking the next step in? She’s telling you it’s time to explore the unknown. Take a risk.

Card #1 Chalice – fulfilment (reversed) How are your immediate influences stopping you from taking the step? Blocking the adventure? It’s reversed so it’s saying you are letting those around drain you of your creativity. You are allowing others to make demands on you without filling you back up. It’s time to turn the chalice right side up! 

Card #2Mabon – balance. What is your perception in regards to Litha and her call to level up?  To begin the adventure waiting for you? Your reflections of things from the past are shadowing you. Holding you back. You feel that it’s too risky because of things from your past. It’s time to embrace your shadow side. Hold on to the lessons but don’t let them anchor you.

Card #3Candles – magic. What are your hopes/fears in relation to leveling up and beginning your new adventure? This card reveals your hopes in taking the next step. The flames are flickering and bending BUT they aren’t going out. Don’t let your fears snuff out your magic. Trust Litha to bring you up the next step. To guide the adventure

I have a summer solstice journal for free download that would be great to write your responses in.

Summer Solstice Journal

Happy summer solstice!