A thing for trees….


Taken while hiking with my son







Yesterday I blogged over at http://fabulouslyyoungepubs.blogspot.com/ about how I love the forest.  It’s a place where magic and mystery seems to run free.  My next set of young adult novels is going to based in Celtic myths so as a preview….

According to ancient Celtic lore, there is a magical tree associated with each month of the year.  

December 24 – January 20:

Birch: Birch people tend to be hard-working and ambitious, with strong leadership qualities. You are generally loyal and faithful, although you may tend to hide your feelings.

January 21 – February 17:

Rowan:  Rowans tend to be idealistic and original, a free-thinker filled with the fire of idealism. You are probably unconventional, artistic, and ahead of your time, imaginative and humanitarian in your outlook.

February 18 – March 17:

Ash: Ash people are good communicators, witty and spontaneous, and generally curious about life.

March 18-April 14:

Alder: Alders are filled with courage and affection, loyalty and determination. Your energy is considerable, you enjoy physicality, and love to play.

April 15 – May 12:

Willow: Willows tend to be in touch with their emotions, intuitive, and adaptable. Underneath the appearance of hesitance, willows possess great flexibility and inner strength, along with a strong will.

May 13 – June 9:

Hawthorn: Hawthorns are spontaneous and sometimes impatient, possessing great confidence, creativity, and charm.

June 10 – July 7:

Oak: Oaks tend to be self-confident and responsible, optimistic and proud, with ample charisma and a strong philosophical streak.

July 8 – August 4:

Holly: Holly people are cautious and practical, reasonable and filled with personal integrity, sensitive and protective.

August 5 – September 1:

Hazel: Hazel are very perceptive, idealistic, and artistic. Wisdom and creativity are especially important to hazel people.

September 2 – September 29:

Vine: Vine folks are very sensitive and self-critical, gentle and romantic. You can be quite authoritative, and harmony is of great importance to you.

September 30 – October 27:

Ivy: Ivy people are social and loyal to their friends, kindly but sometimes restless, and, although appearing hesitant, actually very strong.

October 28 – November 24:

Reed: Reeds tend to be fearless and stubborn, uncompromising and independent, imaginative, loyal, and sometimes jealous.

November 25 – December 23:

Elder: Elders are energetic, self-disciplined, although disliking routine, open, spontaneous, and self-sufficient


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I'm a writer of young adult fantasy. I love creating worlds where make believe is real. When not writing, I enjoy walking along the Lake Michigan beach, reading, card making, and cooking. I have a vast collection of fantasy art which inspire many of my books.

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