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Edits…day 1



Well actually it’s not day 1, I’ve been working on them all weekend. This is book 2 in my young adult series ~ The Night of the Gryphon.

Book 1 – The Hollow King

here is the trailer ~…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XeCwONMCI4&feature=youtube_gdata is available from Desert Breeze.   http://stores.desertbreezepublishing.com/-strse-153/Tasarla-Romaney-The-Hollow/Detail.bok

My week is going to be jammed packed with writing, editing, and my day job,  pushing my M&M consuming level to an all time high.   

Sooooo I’m going to give away a stress pack at the end of the week including a copy of The Hollow King.  One of the things I find that helps me is candles. I have all different scented ones.  Sometimes I want my house to smell like I just baked an apple pie without having to fight the temptation to go have a piece. I also use them to set the mood for my writing.  If I’m writing a scene on the beach I burn Tropical Escapes. If it’s a Christmas WIP and it’s May, I burn Hollyberry.  

Candles be included in the escape stress kit.

But how do you keep stress manageable?

Leave a comment tell me and at the end of the week, I’ll ‘draw’ three lucky winners.

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