It’s Here!!!!!!


The Prince of Light – the final book in the Night of the Gryphon series is being released today.  So here is a excerpt ~

It’s Here!!!

Never in her life had Taraly felt more alone. Not when her father, King Hichel, had died six months ago, nor when she’d left her kingdom in search for the fabled Scepter of Hope. She shifted the bag in which the crystal of ice fire rested to her other hand. The first of the two crystals needed for the scepter.

The only sounds echoing across the salt plains were those of her boots crunching the pelts. If she’d asked Taigo to come with her – to continue to be the prince of her dreams then she wouldn’t be alone. But the tunnel dwellers had revealed Taigo’s choice of his role in the quest was still to come. He hadn’t truly chosen the role Hollow King but had merely accepted it. During the hatching, the dragons would ignite his need for power. Without her there would he be strong enough resist the pull of the dark side of the mirror?

With a sinking heart, she hoped he would continue down the path with her. That he wouldn’t believe she had abandoned him.                       

Taraly approached the woman sitting on the stone. Her long black hair hung in clumps and her breathing labored. There was no doubt Taraly could kill her in this weaken state. The temptation was great and most wouldn’t have considered the murder a crime but a favor. 

“I’ve died once today,” Ovezara lifted her hand. “And I have no intentions of doing it twice.”

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