Do You Know Tuesday?


Tuesday’s are going to be reserved for young adult authors or reader interviews 🙂 I thought I’d start out with me since it has been awhile since this blog has been really active. The general theme of Tuesday’s are going to be “10 Did you Know?”

My favorite summer hang-out

My favorite summer hang-out

I even take my chapters to edit

I even take my chapters to edit

#1 Tasarla Romaney is a pen name.
First, because I wanted something to reflect the genre I was writing (hi-fantasy)
Second, I had a day job until this summer and my writing was an escape from that world. I thought a pen name would help keep it separate.
#2 I love cartoon movies and the SyFy movies like Sharknado
#3 My favorite time of the year is summer and the beach but I live coooolllld Northern Michigan
#4 I have a personal goal to make a blanket every month for Linus Project
#5 My favorite fantasy author – Terry Brooks
#6 I jump and scream like the cartoon women whenever I see a mouse
#7 I ‘collect’ quotes and currently my favorite is ~ So hold on, never let go of your dreams. You’ll see the magic. Believing is where it begins. –Disney Fairies
#8 I live in a 150 year house, with hard wood floors, French doors separating the rooms, and a large claw tub in the master bath (the greatest for bubble baths)
#9 I have to have music on all the time. I listen to Iheart radio currently my top played stations are Lana Del Rey, Star Wars (movie & TV themes), and Open for the Summer
#10 – My biggest secret??? I would buy a single chocolate donut and sit in the car and eat it so I didn’t have share with my kiddos 🙂
If you are an author OR a reader and would like to share “10 Did You Know”, please either e-mail me at or leave me a comment.
Thanks for stopping by!

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