Muse Monday


For this weeks Muse Monday, I’m going to do a fantasy. This picture just seemed be the ideal setting for elves. Also if you would like to join me please do!

For this week, write an intro using the pictures. Leave us at a cliff hanger so we’re begging you to continue to write ๐Ÿ™‚ Remember the only two rules are it has to be 500 words or less and for a young adult audience (not fantasy just young adult).

The river is this color because of the all the iron in the ground.

The river is this color because of the all the iron in the ground.

It had been more than a decade since the last battle between the elf nations had been fought and yet the countryside still bore the scars. The winds carried the echoes of the war cries and the clang of swords.

The icy fingers of some lost spirit danced over Ekargon’s skin. The elf stopped and glanced around but saw nothing. He shook his head, telling himself that he was acting like a novice not a seasoned warrior. Without pausing again he continued on his lone march toward the river.
The afternoon sun had begun to sink below the tree line, when Ekargon finally arrived at his destination. Water stained red from the blood that soaked the ground during the centuries of war rushed over the rocks. Ekargon shook his head and wondered how long would it take for the earth to heal, to forgive the elves for their foolishness.

“Good afternoon, Warrior Prince,” a deep voice male called from the opposite bank.

“I no longer go by that title,” Ekargon said drawing a deep breath. The rift that separated the two men was wider than the raging river and deeper than any canyon but Ekargon hoped to build a bridge today. During the Elf Wars, the other’s nation had been relentless fighters. Several times during the saga, Ekargon’s father had thought they would fall to them.

“Why have you summoned me?” The elf leader demanded. “Our people have respected the peace agreement.”

Ekargon nodded. “True. You have been neighbors that I have no fault with. I asked you here today to become more than those who shares a border. ”
The background noise of the birds chirping, squirrels scrambling in the branches overhead, and the rushing water provided what Ekargon knew to be a false sense of ease.

“You become greedy? And wish for me to assist you?”

“No, Ramji. Our enemy will not be fellow elves but something much darker.” Sliding his hand inside his royal tunic, he pulled out a memory stone. “We have found three of these in the last month in the western cravens.”

Before Ramji could ask why Ekargon had elves in the abandoned dwarf caves, he activated the memory stone the one survivor out of an entire league had brought back to him. In the bright sun, the images flickered and he knew it would take Ramji a minute to locate the reason Ekargon had requested this meeting. Half-crouched against the rock wall it waited. Its body a black mass, the caped wings billowing out slightly behind it, its legs were crooked with feet ending in cruel-looking claws. The wicked ones hissing silenced the forest as it called out his men.

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