World Building – All Things Scary


I always start my world building with a map. Be it a fantasy world I’m creating or a ‘real’ place. Cursing map outlines on the internet, I tossed around several ideas for different basic landscapes and decided to go with an island. Below is the island outland I’m going to use. I added Halloween stickers and some plastic spiders to give it the ‘scary’ feel.

The beginning of the world...

The beginning of the world…

The ‘heart’ of my story is going to take place in the section in the far right. I haven’t started labeling it because I’m still ‘brewing’ the setting. I picked this section for my witch’s hamlet because of the two bodies of water. Creepy things are going to hang out in there  I’m sure there will forest and a giant spider colony. I’ve also decided my headless horsewomen are going to bounder guards.

I’ve also started making a playlist for this WIP… This is a classical selection. Since I don’t really have the characters formed it’s hard to pick songs with words. But this has a the feel for my world. 

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