Let Get Witchy with Pink and Purple


Hello! And welcome to today’s A-Z Challenge blog… All Things Witchy.

My three areas of personal focus in witchy things are herbs/plants, the lunar cycle, and colors so I knew I was going to blog about it. The only problem was under what letter??? Of course, the logic mind would have done ‘c’ but I wanted to talk about crystals. Then I thought about including it in the energy post but I wanted those to be separate.

So I decided it have for ‘p’ makes sense right 😊??? I mean pink and purple are colors. I am going to blog about them.

I’m sure most people will agree that color effects their mood. It can impact the energy and mood of those around it.

You can use specific colors in many different ways to channel a specific kind of energy:

  • Wear them as clothing
  • Wear them as jewelry (our favorite!)
  • Eat different colored foods
  • Paint the walls of your home
  • Create art focused around specific colors, and more!

The sky is the limit, really. In my books, my witches all use colors (depending on the witch if it’s for good or bad. I write some nasty witches as well as good ones)

The power of color is everywhere!

Let’s take a look at what a few mean.

Let’s start with Black. Some of the properties of the color may surprise you, it often gets a bad rap because of the entire black for funeral thing. Black is the color of banishing, protection, grounding, and safety. Feel like your sense of safety has been shaken in the craziness of the world recently? Wear and work with black to reestablish boundaries, protect your energy, banish negative energy, and ground down into more security and safety. 

Have a speech to make? A presentation? Blue is your color. Blue is associated with forgiveness, harmony, astral projection, and the throat chakra. Use it to open your throat chakra (your center of communication and boundary setting) to help you find and use your voice. You can also use it to create more harmony in your life, work with the astral realm if you’re into that sort of thing, and cultivate forgiveness of yourself and of others.

Brown is great for blessing your home and working with the earth. If you’re feeling disconnected from nature, if you’re moving into a new space, or you’re feeling stuck in your head with a lot of anxious thoughts, wear and work with brown! 

Want a promotion at work? Wear a copper bracelet, not only is it stylish but copper is associated with money, success, and career growth— think of the coins in the tarot in the most traditional sense of the world. Use copper candles to call more money and career opportunities into your life. 

The color gold is, of course, associated with the energy of the sun. Because of this, it’s also associated with sacred masculine energy, health, and good fortune. It doesn’t have to the expensive gold but the color. Try painting a clay pot gold and plant some rosemary to connect with the more active or yang side of yourself and cultivate good health and great tasting food!

Green is associated with abundance, attraction, manifestation, growth, and plant magic. Use it to connect with the earth, to manifest your desires, and to facilitate your own personal growth. 

Want to open your third eye chakra, connect with your intuition, and develop your psychic abilities? Work with indigo. This color is great to help you with divination, meditation, and connecting with your own psychic abilities. 

Besides being color of raw energy and joy Orange is associated with your sacral chakra, the center of your creativity, passion, and sexuality.

Besides starting with the letter of the day pink is the color of nurturing, emotional healing, and harmony. Use pink in your personal space to create more Libra-style bliss in your life.

I write with purple pens in my journals. Purple associated with wisdom, spiritual power, independence, and understanding. Use purple to connect with your own wisdom and spiritual power, and to open greater realms of understanding within yourself. If you are struggling with a situation in your life, try writing about it in purple pen.

Red is the color of passion, sexuality, courage, and the fire element. Work with red when you want to channel the energy of fire, such as when you’re working on a new creative project, when you’re with your romantic partner, or when you need an extra dose of bravery and confidence. Red is always present in my writing area. I have different red crystals in my pen cup. I have red carnations by my computer. To name just a few.

Silver is another color at is dominate in my home. It is the color of dreams, meditation, and the moon. Use silver to tune in to the phase of the moon (I use a silver pen in moon journal – I have a thing for pens- hahaha),  Having silver by your bed can help you receive messages in your dreams, and quiet your mind for a more peaceful sleep.

White is associated with truth, aura balancing, peace, and cleansing. You can wear and use white in your home to balance your aura, cleanse your chakras and your energy field, and cultivate more peace in your life. 

Yellow is the color of inspiration, pleasure, happiness, and the element of air. Wear and work with yellow when you need to get inspired, when you want to bring more pleasure and joy into your life, and when you want to manifest travel.

Thanks for stopping by! I’m doing a Tarot Card and Oracle reading giveaway this time. If you are interested, drop me a comment of your favorite letter.

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  1. Blue’s my favorite color, almost a cobalt sort of blue. My front door exterior, the interior of the kitchen door and my bedroom French doors are all a deep bright blue. I collect blue glass and plates. The walls are yellow. It makes me happy. My daughter most often uses purple pens for journaling. She’s always loved pink and purples, and hated that people made something of it as a stereotype, because “girls like pink.” She’s closing in on 30 and still likes it!

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