Intention VS Goal


We are approaching the first quarter moon, Saturday, July 17, and the lunar cycle will be in Libra.

How are your intentions coming? Libra wants to know if you are in balance with them? Did you set aside time for self care? For family/relationship care?

Are you seeing your intentions come to light? If not it could because you have over committed or you set a goal not an intention.

What’s the difference?

For one, a goal is something you’re set on accomplishing in the future. (I want to loose 16 lbs vs I plan on eating more fruit) Goal setting, however, can also make you feel somewhat stuck. When you’re hyper-focused on a goal, you may find yourself living less in the present and focusing more on this aspect of your future. (All the things I’ll be able to do when the 16 lbs are gone and how will I find the budget to buy all the cute clothes).

This can also bring about the feeling of having less in your now because you are so focused on this future goal. (Oh, I’ll wait to do that when I’m 16 lbs lighter)

An intention, however, is about living in the now. What does this mean? It means that rather than focusing on a substantial, maybe even stressful long-term goal, you’re living your day to day with the mindset that you will achieve. You will spend your days being who you want to be. You will accomplish. No if, ands, or buts about it! Because you’re living your day-to-day how you want to, that’s the first step in achieving! Living with intention is living outside of the realm of victory or loss, because the goal is to feel how you want to feel, regardless of outside forces. A goal risks setting you back, but an intention will propel you forward.  (I’ll go to the beach everyday, even though I haven’t lost 16lbs. I’ll paint my fingernails the bright colors because I want to).

While I’ve used the weight loss goal/intention, let’s look at another example. My goal is to write and publish a three more books this year. If I simply set this goal, I will most likely find myself super excited and motivated. BUT then comes the first hiccup and good-bye motivation. Now, if my goal is to publish by books and my intention is to be present and proud of the work I’ve accomplished, (which if you look back over the last couple of lunar cycle where I state my intentions this is it). When hiccups come along, I don’t jump off the rails into the ditch where my intentions are and that keeps my goal on track. Because I’m proud of the books I have published. I’m proud of the book I’m editing. I post about them and talk about them. So this keeps me striving towards my goal.

I hope that helps 🙂

Three Card Spread –

Now on to the spread. The cards spoke LOUDLY! And I know someone is going to ask if this is staged – nope. And if it feels that way to you please feel free to move on. Thanks. I’ve been using the Beyond Lemuria oracle deck by Izzy Ivy for this lunar cycle. I love it! It’s also the one I used in this this lunar cycle journal (it’s a free download – go check it out!

The Infinite – This is a card of rebirth. You may have gotten off to a rough start or carried some hiccups into the new moon. And while you may feel like giving up, this card is a reminder that you got this. Take care of yourself and believe, amazing things are coming your way. 

Healing – Goes with the message from the first card. You need to rebalance and what better time to do it than during a Libra moon phase! Acknowledge that an area in your life needs healing but don’t focus 100% there – remember this is about balance, heal and move on at the same time

Radical Expansion – You are sooooo going to rock the reminder of this moon cycle! You go!!!

Have a great weekend!

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