Aquarius Full Moon


Aquarius Full Moon – take 2 (the 1st one was in July). This month’s full moon is on the 22nd. Twenty-two is a master number of when the loftiest dreams (remember setting those BIG intentions during the Lion Gate portal???) become realities.  This energy will add a boost to the surge of creative energy of this full moon.

Blast of creative energy

Hopefully, you set big intentions on the new moon using the extra energy of the Lion’s Gate portal. And you should be seeing some seeds of those intentions growing. If not, don’t give up! With the Sun also wrapping up its journey in the sign of Leo at the time of this Full Moon, there is an added boost of creative and courageous energy to help you make those intentions grow and bloom.

The last half of this lunar cycle will be all about taking the guesswork out of what needs to happen. Take some comfort in knowing that if you do need to make a decision, there is energy on your side that brings clarity, allowing you to make a clear-cut decision.

While the creative energy of Aquarius will have us wanting to do all the things, stop before jumping in. Remember this is also a time of release. Are you clinging to ways of thinking or ideals set for you by someone else? This is a time to develop new habits, ones that celebrate you. 

The Magic of Crystals

Searching for a couple of crystals to charge during the full moon? Peridot and amethyst would make good choices. Both can be submerged for the night of the full moon.  


Peridot is a crystal with healing and abundance energies. It can aid in the release of the unwanted emotional baggage (remember the 2nd half of the lunar cycle is all about release).  When feeling emotional drained from releasing beliefs, people, or ways of doing things, splash some of the moon water you charged with peridot on your face and wrist.


Amethyst is another great crystal for this full moon. Besides the fact it’s the Aquarius crystal, it has energy for calmness which we all may find ourselves in need of. With so much powerful energy being released this month, you may find yourself exhausted. Place an amethyst under your pillow for a peaceful nights sleep. This is also a time we may find ourselves questioning what needs to be release and what needs to be cultivated. Amethyst also brings wisdom and courage to those holding/wearing it. When faced with tough decisions of what to release, try meditating while resting a moon charged amethyst on your forehead (if laying down) or on your wrist.

This month’s full moon journal includes prompts on numerology, an oracle card spread for intuitive reading, sunflower magic, reflections on intentions set during the last new moon/the lion gate portal, and a place to list what you should be releasing  during this waning cycle. It’s a free download – Here

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