Pisces Full Moon


Welcome! Are you ready for the full moon and autumn equinox?

The colorful leaves are warning of the dark months to come…

Pisces is the last zodiac sign, so this is an excellent time to look at things you may need to end. And with the autumn equinox only two days it encourages us to look for balance.  Pisces’ tarot card is the moon –

She has beautiful images on her Pinterest board – https://www.pinterest.com/ChhaviTarot/

This is a time to think about what things are you clinging to hoping that it will bring a different outcome than what has been proven? Pisces brings with it emotional energy, use that to examine your feelings about a situation or person – WARNING – don’t get caught up in the moment and let those emotions carry you away. You will need to set boundaries. 

Pisces also brings with it a healing energy. Is there a situation or a person that you need to remove yourself from? If so, this Pisces full moon may prove the time to do it. Use it’s healing to help you move on. 

And don’t forget this full moon is known as the harvest moon so take some time to list the things in your life that are bringing you harvest (both emotional and financial – joy is as important as having enough money to pay for doughnuts!). It is also a time to look to the next month, do you need to tend something so you can harvest from that for the long dark months ahead?

For more journal prompts, four cards for intuitive readings, and ritual ideas, download my free journal. (I’ll post the link to the autumn equinox one tomorrow, I need to fine tune a couple of things). 

If you are feeling led, select a card from the three below. Make sure you take a moment to think about the card’s meaning and journal on it (there is a place in the full moon journal). 

Card #1

Card #2

Card #3

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