Good Signs…


New Year, New Deck

I love the green! So fresh

Last year I used the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan – and loved them! The art was amazing for intuitive reading which is my main style of reading.

But I felt a pull towards this deck so I’m moving into for 2022.  I have several other decks by Colette Baron-Reid and loved them. One of the big ‘draws’ I think is the fact that this deck is all about goodness (AND who could use some goodness after the last couple of years???) and self awareness/compassion.  Here is the Amazon link The Good Tarot if you are interested – I don’t have a shop so I don’t receive anything if you click from here 🙂

The Suits

The four suits are earth, fire, air, and water. Earth is the traditional suit of Pentacles – and represents Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. 

Fire is the traditional suit of Wands, and represents Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Air is the traditional suit of Swords and represents Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

Water is the traditional suit of cups and represents Pieces, Cancer, and Scorpio. 

Let’s see what my year will bring…

The tower is January moving around the circle and ending with the World for December

I started out with my year guide pull.  I place the fool in the center and drawing 12 cards and placing them in a circle, touching one another. I use this card as an influence card for my weekly pulls. *Note: I use oracle cards for my moon readings.

The card for January is the tower. Look how peaceful the art on this card is versus the chaos feeling of many other decks. Colette Baron Reid has this card meaning a time of change, shift but not in the disaster manner that many decks have. What an ideal card for the beginning of the year? A time when the focus is on change and the day before the new moon. 

I decided to do my spirit animal annual draw tomorrow as part of my new moon activities. Have you downloaded your journal? I think it’s an awesome sign that the new moon is only two days from the beginning of the year. I’m so excited to set my intentions!

New Year, Not new story

I had planned on having The Key finished but hey life. And because life doesn’t show any signs of leveling out, I’m holding off on setting up a writing projects que for 2022. I have a writing que that I usually pull projects from and put them on a Google sheet with a start date. I do hope to have The Keymaker done by Mid-February.

Here’s a little teaser…

Emma stopped. She had heard something. No she’d felt something. Slowly, she turned but saw nothing lurking in the dark woods. To her left was a giant spider web but lacked the shiny luster of one unkempt. She shuddered to think what had happened to the spider.  She took another step and realized the path was becoming more narrow. 

Were the trees closing in? She took a deep breath to calm herself and instantly regretted it. A foul odor filled her lungs causing her to gag. She placed both of her hands on her knees coughing. She needed to find the cottage and get out of these woods.  Without warning, black snakes erupted from the leaves. Their jaws open wide as fork tongues lashed out at her.

Scrambling backward, she drew her magic. 

Hunger. So hunger. Bring me the witch.

Unleashing her magic, she aimed for the largest snake head hoping it was the one in control. Her magic bounced off leaving the beast untouched.

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