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The Hollow King


Welcome, Luckiest Little FB Hoppers!

The Hollow King is the first book in the Night of the Gryphon trilogy.


Humankind is plagued by an unspeakable evil who releasing monsters of nightmares. The banished world of magic is fading unable to contain or fight the evil threating the humans.
The Hollow King begins the journey of five unlikely companions. All harbor secrets that have the power to destroy or save. Friendships are formed. Love is found and destroyed. Can they overcome their differences and adversities to begin seeking the Specter of Hope?


Crenshaw fell to the damp forest floor. The musky scent of rotting leaves and fungus surrounded him. “How many beasts has she woken?” His stomach twisted and knotted like a ball of bread dough being worked by a baker. In his stupidity, he’d allowed a sorceress of evil to claim his kingdom. Closing his eyes, he shuddered at the thought of the price everyone had paid. Including his own brother whose body remained unclaimed and his spirit locked away, unable to join their ancestors.
The wind would carry Ovezara’s screams for centuries. The revenge he planned for the sorceress would be slow and painful.


World Building ~ Week 4 – It’s a jungle out there or is it?


Now that we have the maps and basic feel for the land now it’s time for non-human details – remember I’m a pantser so your details could be much more vivid at this point.  I’m talking animals, plants, and creatures.

Now I can’t imagine even the most die-hard plotter cataloging every species of plant or animal in your world.  My suggestion is to focus on the ‘big’ stuff and add things as you go along.

Looking at your map and thinking about your storyline what types of plants/animals/creatures are you going to need?

Start with the very basic ~ now these do NOT have to be the same as ours. Remember you are BUILDING a world.

What plants are used for healing? For food? For baskets/ropes/ect? What plants are dangerous?

What animals are herded for food? For clothing? For burden beasts (aka donkeys)?

Now let’s add from your imagination ~

1)      Here are a few  ‘prompts’ for developing your flora and fauna…

Are their predatory plants? (the Venus Fly Trap on steroids) Where are they located? Are your characters going to have to fight their way through?

What is it called?

What color is it?

How big is it?

Where does it grow?

2)      What kind of ‘non’ Earth animals populate your world? This is where you can have fun! Dragons everyone knows so while you can have them this isn’t a thing you’ve created. In my series Night of the Gryphon and in my current WIP, I have at least ten creatures I’ve ‘created.’

What is it called?

Is it deadly?

What does it look like?

Where does it live?

If you need some ‘help’ in creating animals/creatures/plants for your world feel free to raid the world of extinct things. Here is a great site to start –

While you’re developing these things of your world make sure you toss around plot hooks and ideas that will involve these elements. Remember the more of your world that you can incorporate into the actual storyline versus just using as detail will make it much more ‘real’ for your reader (a good thing!)

Here are a few pictures I used as ‘fodder’ in developing different creatures ~

Enchantedforest1-LRmonster #2salt plains beast


Ch-ch-Changes blog hop


Welcome to the Ch ch changes young adult blog hop…
blog hop
In my Night of the Gryphon series the five main characters are young adults who find themselves embarking on a quest for the Specter of Hope in order to save the world… I’m sure we can all relate :p While they all go through ch-ch-changes as truths they held dear are challenged and sometimes shattered the character that grows the most is Sancha.

Sancha is the son of the war-pack trainer for Taraly’s kingdom. He lives in an isolated valley with his father. He is what is known as an animal talker. Sancha thinks he’ll spend his life in the valley training the King’s warpack and he’s okay with that. But when his father is killed and the warpack destroyed by the evil creatures the sorceress Ovezara has released, he leaves his valley to seek revenge. Only what starts off as revenge changes into something else.

And one of the ch-ch-changes he has to deal with is love…

Here’s an excerpt from Warrior Queen book 2 in the Night of the Gryphon.

Sancha watched Rysa. Feeling conflicted in what he saw. Many things about her resembled a human woman yet it was all very different. Her long silver hair was like moon beams, her yellow eyes seemed to bore into your soul.
“She would not make you a good mate,” the wolfhound snarled.

“Humans look for more than mates. We also seek friendship.”

The wolfhound shook his head in annoyance. “You lie. You have never compared my coat to that of the light of the moon.”

Sancha twirled his staff. “I knew from her horns she was not for me.” He gaze shifted to Jalie and he struggled not to cover the ground separating them. After the attack of the banshees he’d walked several feet away but already he missed her closeness. To stand next to her and let her scent of sweet vanilla wrap around him. The small fragments of his heart she’d found after his father’s death and revived were once again hard dark stones.

“Again you lie to yourself,” the wolfhound spoke to him. “She holds the power to once again make you whole. I told you when we first met her to walk away. She would be harmful to the pack but you ignored me.”

Sancha smiled remembering the day he’d met Jalie. He was leaving the small valley of his childhood, where his family had lived for hundreds of years training the war pack. His soul was barren after finding his dad’s mutilated body and having endured months of relentless nights of horrors. She’d been a ray of sunshine standing the path. It was only though her love he’d survived. “There is no pack.” He walked over to Jalie and placed a hand on her tiny shoulder. She’d been wrong to lie but he knew not to forgive her was beyond his power.

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Edits…day 3


True love or maybe not...Taraly isn't sure

Edits Day 3…


I’m done with the edits from the editor now to do a read through before sending it back. So I thought I’d share one of my favorite bites…

She asked separating herself from Taigo. To stay would only allow the feelings of safety and comfort to grow. She was unsure if Taigo warranted such emotions. Glancing over at him, she sighed. As a girl growing up her night dreams had been filled with a handsome king from a distant land who came and swept her away on adventurous flights filled with romance and excitement. The prince of the shadow lands standing beside her with his long black hair, starling royal blue eyes, and cleft in his chin walked out of her dreams. Looking down at her damp, mud-covered dress, she snorted. Their first adventure was far from wonderful.

 So when one of heroines met the man of her dreams, it hasn’t really worked out the way she wants J Is that true of most things? We dream and it’s prefect then well reality sets in.  My dream is to write ~ not edit.  I want it to be prefect the first time not after three or four redos.

But its still a dream I love… edits and all.  I wonder if Taraly will feel at the end of the series.  Did her prince charming make it to the finish line?

Now for today’s stress buster and the third item in the stress escape. Tea is one of my go tos when the day has been a bit overwhelming…okay so is wine but I can’t include a bottle in my give away. But the calming herbs and relaxing teas can take the edge off stress and offer you a bit of herbal anxiety relief. Here are a couple recipes a co-worker gave me.  No, I’m giving away homemade tea… I’ve never made any. So the stress escape will be fresh from the grocery store shelves.


1 tsp. dried peppermint leaves
1 tsp. dried lemon balm leaves

Add these to a tea pot and add 1 1/2 to 2 cups of boiling water. Steep for about 5 minutes, strain and add sugar or tea for a soothing herbal tea.


2 tablespoons fresh chamomile flowers
2 cups boiling water
2 thin slices of apple
honey to taste

Rinse the flowers with cool water. Warm your tea pot with boiling water. Add the apple slices to the pot and mash them with a wooden spoon. Add the chamomile flowers and pour in boiling water (2 cups). Cover and steep for 3-5 minutes. Strain the tea into two cups (or one if it’s just you!). Add honey to taste.

Edits & contest


In edits...coming Jan 2012








Edits…day 1



Well actually it’s not day 1, I’ve been working on them all weekend. This is book 2 in my young adult series ~ The Night of the Gryphon.

Book 1 – The Hollow King

here is the trailer ~…. is available from Desert Breeze.

My week is going to be jammed packed with writing, editing, and my day job,  pushing my M&M consuming level to an all time high.   

Sooooo I’m going to give away a stress pack at the end of the week including a copy of The Hollow King.  One of the things I find that helps me is candles. I have all different scented ones.  Sometimes I want my house to smell like I just baked an apple pie without having to fight the temptation to go have a piece. I also use them to set the mood for my writing.  If I’m writing a scene on the beach I burn Tropical Escapes. If it’s a Christmas WIP and it’s May, I burn Hollyberry.  

Candles be included in the escape stress kit.

But how do you keep stress manageable?

Leave a comment tell me and at the end of the week, I’ll ‘draw’ three lucky winners.



Welcome everyone…

I’m Tasarla and I write young adult fantasy.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  The Night of the Gryphon is my first young adult series.  It focuses on six teenagers as they struggle to figure out who they are.  The barrier seperating humans from those of magic is no longer…and the young sorceresses, Ovezara has mastered how to bring creatures from the nightmare realm into the world of humans.  Each of the six are faced with a decision of helping defeating the evil threatening all living things or to become part of the darkness.  For one love will deteremine the choice, for another jealously, one will feel there is choice but learns the path you follow is always yours to pick, and the need for revenge will cloud anothers judgement.

Here is the book trailer for The Hollow King, book I ….

Book I in The Night of the Gryphon series

Again thanks for stopping hope you drop by again…I’m also blogging over at about love in my series.