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Journaling Wednesday


Time Capsule  – Weekly updates.

In my first post on time capsule journaling I said I do weekly recaps. Here are two examples. The first one was from last summer. The second from last week.

As with any journal, there are no rules. I like to keep mine a ‘surface’ recap. I ‘work-out’ my personal ‘issues’ in the journal I use for my Sunday card readings.

A one all purpose journal doesn’t work for me. I took me years to figure that out… I know a little slow. Journaling personal and so you need to do it the best way it fits you.

Back from the rabbit hole. My weekly recaps vary as you can see. Sometimes there are lots of pictures…sometimes memorable from events… whatever reflects what I want to highlight for the week.

My aim for my time capsule journal is to keep record of the what was going on around me. I include family members but only worldly events that touched me personally. I know that may sound selfish but I can research what happened world wide but that won’t have the fact I spent time building a leprechaun trap with my 6 year old.

The time capsule journal is by far the most undefined and open for personal definition.

Next week, I’ll be talking about a dream journal.

What types of journal(s) do you keep? If you like more info or discuss journaling, please comment or email me at





The Week Ahead


This week I drew an angel card….Archangels are willing allies on your personal journey (holding my hand)…This means I’m going need extra doughnuts because it’s going to be a week BUT because it’s Raphael, I can’t eat doughnuts.

Card #76 – Archangel Raphael

Raphael, is the healing angel (the medical symbol) and the third eye chakra. This includes self, others, and animals.

Since I only exercised once last week and ate ½ of an Irish Cream chocolate cake, I know one of the healings I need to do is me. NO DOUGHNUTS ….More water. Exercise. Basically respect my body.
The healing through the third eye is telling me to be on the lookout for someone in need. Have I said something recently that ‘hurt’ them? Have I been neglectful in the needs of someone close to me?
Another aspect of this is card is get out of my own head. Stop limiting myself. Trust that I will be able to ‘SEE’ this adventure through.

If you do Chakra readings, I’d love to hear from you. Or if you have any questions on my card or Chakra in general, please post them.


It’s Journal Time


Every Wednesday, I’ll blog about the art of journal keeping. The different types, the different reasons, the different ways and most important that there is NO right way to journal. Keeping a journal is a lot like writing, no two people do it the same.

I’m going to start with the time capsule journal. Time capsule journals can be kept for a certain event (wedding, having a baby, remodeling a room or house, etc) or for a length of time (your ‘golden’ year or season or yearly). I keep a yearly time capsule journal.

I set mine up with a two page monthly spread and then do weekly summaries.  The first thing I do is gather up my supplies…clippings, stickers, etc. I include birthdays, recipes I want to try, etc.

I don’t want to cover everything to begin with because I added events and comment to the main page as the month unfolds.


While I don’t have any weekly summaries for March, here is an example of what they do look like.


I’d love to hear from fellow journal keepers.

Monday Muse


Why reread a book when there are so many out there just wait to be read???  Is a question I get asked from time to time. My husband doesn’t understand rereading a book at all but my daughter frequently revisits books.

I reread two reasons….

(1). For comfort. When I’m stressed or just feeling overwhelmed, I will reread a book I know is guaranteed to ‘whisk me away.’ I make myself a mug of hot cocoa or a tall glass of ice tea and spend some time with old friends that have been waiting for me. They allow me to block away the ugly world for a bit. Cheaper than a therapist 🙂

The banshee cold and snow of this winter is something I seek to escape :D

The banshee cold and snow of this winter is something I seek to escape 😀

(2). For examples. As a writer, there are few other authors that I ‘hero worship.’ They develop characters with such depth that I reread the book as inspiration of what achievable. The same is true with plot twist and foreshadowing. I can read craft books and while they do help nothing brings it home like a well written book.

Books that are category one don’t always fall into category two.  I have several books, I revisit just so I can see how the author developed a character or a plot twist, reading them doesn’t necessarily provide an escape.

Do you reread books? If so why?


Book Accessories




While I’m a fan of e-books and my Kindle is second only to my laptop in favorite devices, I still LOVE book marks. Since I still read print books, I do need them. But I also use book marks in my calendar (I just CAN’T use an electric one – I have heard the praises of google calendar and all the other wonderful ones but I just can’t give up my paper one), my journal, and my cookbooks.

I may have a ‘slight’ weakness to really cool bookmarks…. I like all kinds. Ones with beads or charms, decorated paperclips, crocheted ones (I’ve done several of these myself), and printed ones.

Here is a sight that has some awesome printed bookmarks for sale. 184__185x455_winter-wings-owl


I took a 2014 things in 2014 challenge. Each week I have to get rid of 35 things and repurpose at least one item. I’m going to make these ribbon bookmarks for my repurpose item :). I’ll post pictures of how my turn out.

My repurpose project

My repurpose project

But here is a link to a sight that give step by step directions if you want make some.


What is some of your favorite book accessories???

Monday Mayhem


Reality vs Reality of the mind….

This is what it looks like out…

photo 2 (3)





but this is what I’m thinking about…



Gardening…. Oh the joys of warm weather. While I do have an indoor winter herb garden, it’s just not the same as sitting the sun and digging in the dirt. Yes, I’m a kid at heart. As the wind howls making the snow dance across my buried gardens, I dream of heirloom tomatoes, mini eggplants, and the creeping cuke vines.

As I go through the gardening catalogs, it’s like a drug of euphoria. The writer part of my mind is snapping with excitement.  As look at the pictures of the exotic veggies that while they will never find a home in my garden flats, they may very well end up on one of my character’s plate.


Or maybe they will be flesh eating plants…

veggie monster

As a writer, I know inspiration can and will come from all sorts of different things. A song, a poem, a phrase and yes even a gardening catalog.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day….

Developing a Story Timeline


My story timeline is my most important tool and the key to any story I write, be it a romance suspense or a fantasy. Now while I’m not a plotter, I do have a general idea of where I want my story to be at when I hit a certain word count. This is nothing as ridged as the ‘3 act’ or ‘5 act’ plotter’s formula because besides the event I don’t have a clue what else will happen.

cover 2For All Things Scary, I’m using the 5 perils Maeko must face as my pivot points. The third one will be the mid-point. The final one will also include her confrontation with the witch, Eduvigos.

As I’ve said while I’m not a plotter, I do take TONS of notes while I write.  My timeline starts off bare but will be packed fill of detail by the time I end the story.

I generally keep two timelines – a general overview and a detailed one. Depending on the genre of my story I use different methods is keeping my timeline. Almost always I use a calendar for my romance suspense. For fantasy, I use the plain timeline method.

Here is an example of the working one for All Things Scary ~

INTRO (5k)

–          Maeko receives the sword of truth – starting her on her quest – this is meant with much opposition especially from Bamely – who sees herself superior to Maeko

–          The witch beheads her 3rd headless horsewoman – fulfilling that part of the prophesy of when she’ll rain darkness down on all of Crencher. Eduvigos fights with her sister revealing the strain of their relationship

–          De is appointed Maeko’s companion – confirming his purpose – romantic subplot

–          De and Maeko leave the Island of Purpose

1st Peril (15k)

–          Maeko and De enter the forbidden caves in Brooly seeking the 1st gem stone

– they encounter trolls – fight

– they hear the furies circling above while camping at night and realize they also seek to stop them.

–          Eduvigos sends her three headless horsewomen out to kidnap the queen of Lukti – another part of the prophesy

2nd Peril (25k)

3rd Peril (35k) – mid point

4th Peril (45k)

5th Peril (55k)

Conclusion – (65k)


This timeline is kept in a separate document that I have open while I write adding details as I discover them.  This isn’t my only source of reference, I also mark on my map where events happen and I have character documents that I update with arc info and GMC info.


Do any of you keep timelines for your stories? I’d love to hear about your method.