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Adding some more music to my playlist for All Things Scary ~

The Lost Tale


King of the North


Dance with Dragons


Lord Draig


I also picked several from The Hobbit soundtrack ~



My heroine’s song ~ Big Girls don’t cry by Fergie



A great general planning music when developing the theme



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Muse Monday


NaNo2013participantbadge3small_zpsf0446315I can’t wait until November 1, I’m really excited to start this 🙂

The next secondary characters for All Things Scary are Furies.

The Furies, who are usually characterized as three sisters (AlectoTisiphone, and Magaera) are the children of Gaia and Uranus. They resulted from a drop of Uranus’ blood falling onto the earth. They were placed in the Underworld by Virgil and it is there that they reside, tormenting evildoers and sinners. However, Greek poets saw them as pursuing sinners on Earth. The Furies are cruel, but are also renowned for being very fair. Female spirits who tormented evil-doers, particularly those who had committed some crime against a family member. When Theseus and Peirithous tried to abduct Persephone from the Underworld, her husband Hades tricked them into sitting on a bench to which they became permanently attached. Then he unleashed the Furies on them.

 The Furies are going to be my last ‘major’ secondary characters. My Furies are also going to be sisters – different names. They are going to be a supreme force over all of Crencher EXCEPT Granli and the Land of the Dead. Like with Greek Furies, they are going to be a bit on the cruel side but it is done in the name of justice. Currently, the Furies will be the reason one of my main characters begins his quest.

The Furies are going to have a ‘floating’ castle of sorts in the middle of the large lake that is on the Kontar, Lukti, and Brooly broader. They will seek out those who have committed – or are believed to have committed – awful crimes. The Furies will bring them back to their castle for ‘questioning.’ Only the Furies can access the castle.

I’m still working out what the Furies will look like. I do know that they will have magic which is how they travel throughout Crencher. What their source of magic is yet, I’m not sure.

I’d love to hear how you would twist the Fury mythology to fit into your story.


13 Things Thursday


This week I’m doing 13 things about the story I’ve been building All Things Scary.

  1. Ghouls, Reapers, and zombies live in the Land of the Dead – the Banshee’s part of Crencher.
  2. The Land of the Dead is a giant cemetery.
  3. Ferrymen guards the coastline of the Land of the Dead and Granli (the witch’s home)
  4. Humans will probably NOT be a part of Crencher. It will populated by Elf nations.
  5. There will be at least two mountain ranges that will be inhibited with creatures I have created.
  6. The balance between good and evil is fine.
  7. It’s going to have a ‘slight’ steampunk feel. That will be reflected in ‘gadgets’ and creatures.
  8. I still don’t a name for the witch – who is one of the main character :/ I’d welcome all suggestions…
  9. There will be three main characters – the nameless witch, De (means virtuous), Maeko (means honest).
  10. There will be a rainbow every morning in Kontar where Maeko is from.
  11. There will be a treasure hunt.
  12. Crencher has seven moons.
  13. This has been the funniest project to develop to date

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World Building Wednesday


Here is the map of Cencher – the land of All Things Scary.

I’ve named the countries and have begun to fill in some of the details. The map will become more detailed as I write. I know there is a vapor swamp in Granli – where the witch lives.


Crencher - the home of All Things Scary

Crencher – the home of All Things Scary

I did something a little different with this map. I use a lot – I mean A LOT – of index cards in my writing. Sometimes I punch a hole in the corner and put them on a ring or I make a board to attach them to, etc.

For All Things Scary, I’m going to keep my world building ‘key’ on index cards attached to the map. Like this….



The cards are attached with tape across the top. As you can see I flip them upside down but this is just personal thing. The ‘tricky’ thing about using index cards like this is taping them. The tape has to be run the full length of the card (I use the top line as my guide which is the reason I flip them upside down) and each one taped separately. Once you have figured out your spacing and taped all of the cards into place, you have two options to get them to flip smoothly.

(1)  This is what I do. You’ll need to cut the tape on each side of the card so flip up. JUST cut the top of the card not all the way through.

(2)  Make a crease in the card where the tape line is.

As always, I welcome all tips/hints or suggestions.

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Headless Horsewomen Character sheet


The Headless Horsewoman of Granli

What are they?  Women who made a deal with the witch ______________________. (I’ll fill this in when I decide what to name the witch)They are deals that benefit no one but woman making it. The witch cannot into these arrangements with women who want things like ‘better crops,’ etc. When they died she, beheaded them and uses their heads to control them. Their primary purpose is to attack those who threaten or oppose ________________________________.

All three women made a deal with the witch believing they could outsmart her or defeat her. Their story will be weaved in.

Possible opening scene is the creating of the 3rd headless horsewoman.

G: They lack goals of their own – they are now mindless creatures controlled by the witch. Before death it would have varied. But it was their ‘selfish’ goals that lead to them becoming a headless horsewoman.

M: None

C: None

Purpose in the story ~ They add to the witch’s character. They are a sign of her power. They provide hindrance to the hero/heroine


Horse – when their hooves strike the ground flames erupt. They are black with glowing orange eyes. They are living things – born of evil.

Women –

Bella – the first to make a deal with the witch.  Has served the witch for ___ years. She wields a mace with a fireball on the end. Her dress is royal blue velvet – rumored to be the color her eyes once were. She was known to be the most beautiful woman of all of Crencher. She married King Trivent of Brooly, even though she had money nor was she from royalty. It is said he was so taken by her looks he ignored all protocol to make her his Queen. Even when she died, she remained flawless in her looks.

Lyana – the second to make a deal with the witch. Has served the witch for ____ years.  She wields a flaming sword. She wears a pale purple peasant style top and black riding breeches. Men were unable to resist her charms and gave her lavish gifts so she never had to marry. Her treasure is believed to hidden. There are many rumors as to where.

Greta – she is beheaded in the story. Her deal was that the King of Kontar would never desire anyone but her. He would never be able to deny her anything if she said please. When she is brought to the witch following the death of the king – because the wish is no longer in effect, she will have long flowing red hair. She will be wrinkled and a crone like but on the king’s deathbed he rants of her beauty. She tries to wiggle out of dying by claiming the King gave her the kingdom to rule. It doesn’t matter because that was not the wish.

Tomorrow, it’s the updated map and where my world is going. I’d love to hear any input


Monday Muse


Building a Character…

I like to have a full pool of characters developed to some degree to pick from when writing.  Changing or adding whatever traits I need to make them fit my current WIP. Character building is also a great way for me to get into the ‘writing mood’ when I would rather be doing anything else. (Sometimes it’s soooo bad, I’d rather fold laundry! Yikes)

One of favorite what ways to build characters is to use a tarot deck or an oracle deck. Today, I’m using the oracle desk. I picked a random card…. The Queen of the Golden Bough. I don’t read/research or allow what this cards means come into play or the card’s name. I want to build a unique character.

What type of character will she be??

What type of character will she be??

The first thing I do is list the 3 things about the card that catch my eye.

1)      The creatures surrounding

2)      The red eyes behind her

3)      The necklace (the larger one)

Then I brainstorm questions about these 3 things…

1) The creatures?

Are they all ‘together’?

What are they roles in her life?

Do they know about each other?

2) The eyes?

Are they watching her?

If so does she know they are?

Do they mean her harm?

Is the scarf around her neck being used by the ‘eyes’ to control her?

The eyes are actually looking to her right so maybe they see danger and ‘creatures’ are trying to pull her away


3) The necklace?

Since she’s wearing a smaller one that is fitting for her outfit, this must have a ‘different’ significance.

Does it have magical powers?

Is it used by the ‘eyes’ to communicate with her? To control her?

Is it linked to her health?

As I start to answer these questions her role (secondary/primary) starts to form. While there is a lot going on in the card, I still feel as if she’s a secondary character. Maybe she’s being held prisoner or being manipulated by a king or queen of a different race? (the crown is leading me in this direction).

I’d love to hear some of character building activities or what were some of the things that caught your interest about the card.


Writer’s Wednesday


World Building Part III–

Now that we have discussed maps, it’s time to populate them and detail the terrain. As I’ve stated before I’m a die-hard pantser. The thought of plotting sends my muse in some deep dark corner of my mind never to be seen again BUT world building is different in ‘my’ logic. And I don’t work out every detail at this point; I do enough so I can layer in setting details. I add things as I go…where a fight happened… where someone is kidnapped, etc. Because I’m a pantser and not a plotter I don’t know where these things are going to happen or that they are even going to happen J

I have a ‘form’ that I use for this step of world building. For me, it’s more about thinking about the locations than actually filling in the blanks. And as I said above, I added to this all the time while writing.

For each country, I’d fill out a “landscape” form.

Country Name

  1. Culture/Mood/Personality
    1. Is the population mostly warriors, farmers, tradesman, or a mixture?  Is there civil wars or do they live peacefully with each other
    2. What is the religion make-up (this may need entire sheet of it’s own depending if you are writing a fantasy where Gods/Goddesses have a role)
    3. Economics – is the wealth evenly disturbed or only a select few
    4. Is there Magic

-Who can use it

-Does the magic have a source or an ability that a person is born with

-Are those who use magic trusted/liked

  1. Folklore

-how do these ‘stories’ effect the communities

  1. Do secret societies exist

-If so for what reason

-Why are they secret

-How long have existed

  1. Populations
    1. Is there a common physical feature (IE – everyone has purple eyes and dark skin)
    2. What are the roles of females and males
    3. What is the dress
    4. How are they educated
    5. What is the common food dishes
  2. Ruler
    1. Is he/she liked
    2. Elected or a born into title
    3. Where do they reside in the country (a single castle or several different ones)
    4. Who makes the ‘elite’ inner circle – (think of King Arthur’s roundtable)
  3. Terrain

I usually insert pictures here of various things I want but this would be where you detail the forest, deserts, and rivers, etc.

  1. Weather
    1. Average temp
    2. Rainy season
    3. Major storms – Hurricanes, blizzards
    4. What effects the weather – moons cycles, etc
    5. What are the seasons

I’d love to hear any suggestions or comments you have.