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Muse Monday


NaNo2013participantbadge3small_zpsf0446315I can’t wait until November 1, I’m really excited to start this 🙂

The next secondary characters for All Things Scary are Furies.

The Furies, who are usually characterized as three sisters (AlectoTisiphone, and Magaera) are the children of Gaia and Uranus. They resulted from a drop of Uranus’ blood falling onto the earth. They were placed in the Underworld by Virgil and it is there that they reside, tormenting evildoers and sinners. However, Greek poets saw them as pursuing sinners on Earth. The Furies are cruel, but are also renowned for being very fair. Female spirits who tormented evil-doers, particularly those who had committed some crime against a family member. When Theseus and Peirithous tried to abduct Persephone from the Underworld, her husband Hades tricked them into sitting on a bench to which they became permanently attached. Then he unleashed the Furies on them.

 The Furies are going to be my last ‘major’ secondary characters. My Furies are also going to be sisters – different names. They are going to be a supreme force over all of Crencher EXCEPT Granli and the Land of the Dead. Like with Greek Furies, they are going to be a bit on the cruel side but it is done in the name of justice. Currently, the Furies will be the reason one of my main characters begins his quest.

The Furies are going to have a ‘floating’ castle of sorts in the middle of the large lake that is on the Kontar, Lukti, and Brooly broader. They will seek out those who have committed – or are believed to have committed – awful crimes. The Furies will bring them back to their castle for ‘questioning.’ Only the Furies can access the castle.

I’m still working out what the Furies will look like. I do know that they will have magic which is how they travel throughout Crencher. What their source of magic is yet, I’m not sure.

I’d love to hear how you would twist the Fury mythology to fit into your story.



Art Inspiration


I love fantasy art. I’m a visual person so when I look at various pictures or fantasy art forms my muse is instantly engaged. As with this picture from ~  http://fantasyinspiration.com/inspiration/gothic-punk-fantasy-art-featuring-standalone-complex/




Because it’s fall and the stores are full of Halloween ‘stuff’ this picture caught my attention.

I love that it’s a female.

The weary look intrigues me.

What are the little red eyed creatures in the tree?

AND why does she have glowing swords for hands?

Has she been tricked into whatever role she must play (the weary look)? Or has she just grown tired?

My list of questions could go on and one.




Does this picture ‘talk’ to your must? If so, I’d love to hear what are some of the first things it says.



What the heck happens next?


When I start a new story, I basically have the main characters and maybe a few of the secondary characters figured out. I know what the end goal is and what the internal conflict is but that’s about it. Now, I know if I have any plotters reading this, they have just fainted. J

Occasionally my muse bails on me. She heads out to a warm white sand beach to hang out then I’m left going ‘what the heck happens next?’ Since waiting for her to return isn’t really an option, I have developed ‘magic bunnies’ to pull out to help me develop scenes.

The one I’m going to talk about this week, I stumbled across by mistake. Someone gave one of my son’s a box of WarCraft cards. He doesn’t play WarCraft (nor does anyone in my house) so he was going to throw them out but the writer part of me saw pictures and said ‘wait.’

This ‘magic bunny’ can be done at any time – plotters could use it to develop scenes and us pantsers can use when our muse has left us.

I draw three random cards. This has always proved me with enough ‘magic’ to get the words to start following again.  Below is one I did for The Warrior Queen.

A scene with Crenshaw in The Warrior Queen

A scene with Crenshaw in The Warrior Queen

I used the title of the cards (I really did draw them randomly) because they provided a nice outline of events:

Card 1) Sunken Treasure

Card 2) Sudden Reveal

Card 3) The Princess Trapped

As I was brain storming these are some of the questions, I came up with

Card 1)

-What is the treasure? Is it a clue needed to complete the quest? Is it something unexpected that will harm them or help them?

-Who is guarding the ‘treasure’? Was the ‘treasure’ originally stolen? Is an appointed guardian watching over it?

-Will my characters have to steal the ‘treasure’ or will it be given to them with strings attached?

-Where is the ‘treasure’ sunken? A snake pit? Why are my characters going there?


Card 2)

-What does the ‘treasure’ reveal?

-Does it bring an unexpected enemy? Who ‘traps’ a main character (card 3)

-Who are they fighting? Someone else who wants the ‘treasure’


Card 3)

-How long is the character trapped?

– What kind of ‘trap’ is it? Jail? Frozen in ice? Transported to another place?


As I was brain storming these ideas a full scene developed in my mind involving Crenshaw.

I would love to hear about ways you develop scenes, as either a plotter or a pantsers.


Monday Muse


Building a Character…

I like to have a full pool of characters developed to some degree to pick from when writing.  Changing or adding whatever traits I need to make them fit my current WIP. Character building is also a great way for me to get into the ‘writing mood’ when I would rather be doing anything else. (Sometimes it’s soooo bad, I’d rather fold laundry! Yikes)

One of favorite what ways to build characters is to use a tarot deck or an oracle deck. Today, I’m using the oracle desk. I picked a random card…. The Queen of the Golden Bough. I don’t read/research or allow what this cards means come into play or the card’s name. I want to build a unique character.

What type of character will she be??

What type of character will she be??

The first thing I do is list the 3 things about the card that catch my eye.

1)      The creatures surrounding

2)      The red eyes behind her

3)      The necklace (the larger one)

Then I brainstorm questions about these 3 things…

1) The creatures?

Are they all ‘together’?

What are they roles in her life?

Do they know about each other?

2) The eyes?

Are they watching her?

If so does she know they are?

Do they mean her harm?

Is the scarf around her neck being used by the ‘eyes’ to control her?

The eyes are actually looking to her right so maybe they see danger and ‘creatures’ are trying to pull her away


3) The necklace?

Since she’s wearing a smaller one that is fitting for her outfit, this must have a ‘different’ significance.

Does it have magical powers?

Is it used by the ‘eyes’ to communicate with her? To control her?

Is it linked to her health?

As I start to answer these questions her role (secondary/primary) starts to form. While there is a lot going on in the card, I still feel as if she’s a secondary character. Maybe she’s being held prisoner or being manipulated by a king or queen of a different race? (the crown is leading me in this direction).

I’d love to hear some of character building activities or what were some of the things that caught your interest about the card.


Muse Monday


Muse Monday ~
This week I’m going to some character building. I’m using a writing prompt from 1,000 Character writing prompts: Villains, heroes, and hams…by Bryan Cohen for my prompt. I keep a file of possible secondary characters (pictures I’ve ripped out of magazines, random characters I develop while people watching, etc.). I do this so I don’t ‘fall’ into a ‘character rut’ – writing characters that I’m familiar with.
I have found the key to using writing prompt is I have to use random selection and then I have to write THAT prompt or I spend the day trying to find a prompt that ‘excites’ my muse.
I picked #26 (the date) and it is (drummmmmm roll)…

26. As you attempt to save a village, you are forced to partner up with a wanted thief with a heart of silver. He says he’s after treasure buried to the center of town, but he slips up and you realize that his love of riches is subservient to his desire to see the boorish warlord pay for his crimes. Behind his mustache and his ability to work his way out of a sticky situation, there is a loyal and honorable man there. He covers it up by boasting about how amazing he is, but you can see right through that. How did this good man end up a thief and your partner?
It’s funny as I was filling out the Character Building worksheets Disney characters came to mind… I don’t necessary see cartoon characters in this light 0_o

NOTE: These are just outlines of characters… I sort through them and if I find one that would work in my WIP I develop it more – I.e. eye color, hair color, etc. These are more of a personality glance

Build A Character Worksheet: Type of Character: Secondary – level 2
Male in most cases but could be female – this would demand more development making it a level 1 secondary character
Name: Rathlin – Depends on the nature of the story – would have a nickname.
Physical feature: handsome with a flaw – (like Flynn in Tangled)
Personality Feature: He’s very complex but only a few levels would be revealed. He’s in the story for a purpose to prod the hero/heroine. With his backstory he’d want to be center stage…
Purpose: The hero/heroine has a single goal in mind. While it is a ‘worthy’ goal… Rathlin has much more in mind… The hero/heroine is happy freeing the village but Rathlin wants the warlord to swing.

Flynn from Tangled...


Flynn from Tangled

Flynn from Tangled






Female: Level 1 secondary character
Name: Layla –
Physical feature: She would most likely disguise her true appearance. She is widely known but only as a ‘shadow’. And all believe the ‘shadow’ is a male
Personality Feature: She is very hard edge. A) because she believes she needs to make up for being a girl B) she is scared if develops relationships she loose her motives
Purpose: The same as the male character only it would be much more personal – the warlord killed her family type of thing



layla 2