A three book series that chronicle the quest for the Spector of Hope.

Book 1 ~ The Hollow King

Humankind is plagued by an unspeakable evil who releasing monsters of nightmares. The banished world of magic is fading unable to contain or fight the evil threating the humans.

The Hollow King begins the journey of five unlikely companions. All harbor secrets that have the power to destroy or save. Friendships are formed. Love is found and destroyed. Can they overcome their differences and adversities to begin seeking the Specter of Hope?

Review  ~

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Hollow King, but I must warn readers that this book ends at a pivotal moment that leaves readers hanging until the next book in the series comes out. I have become so wrapped up in the characters and their quest, that I’m eagerly anticipating the next installment. Readers who enjoy a great fantasy with a touch of romance won’t want to miss this book.


Book 2 – Warrior Queen

Finally, the Warrior Queen yields the Specter of Hope. Will she blanket all of humankind in darkness destroying the world of magic? Or free the humans of creatures from nightmares and restore the world of magic to its splendor? She must see through trickery, trust in what she fears the most, and rely on those closest to her to succeed.

Crenshaw, Taraly, Sancha, Jalie, and Taigo continue their quest through the land of the dead, the barren salt plains, fight endless battles for what they believe in. Only have they placed their belief in the correct Warrior Queen?

Review ~

I absolutely enjoyed reading The Warrior Queen, but I must warn readers, like the first book, The Warrior Queen ends at a crucial moment sure to leave readers wanting more. The Warrior Queen is an excellent addition to the Night of the Gryphon series, and I’m already looking forward to the next book. Readers looking for a great fantasy laced with romance should certainly give this book a try.



Book 3 ~ Prince of Light – Coming October 2012


The fabric holding the elements of life in place have begun to unravel:

Five dragons now roam – there is nothing that can destroy them – or – control them.

The god, Darivic, is on the verge of losing control of the Land of the Dead and with it the paths to the afterworld will be permanently destroyed.

With things so unsettled, the mirror of light and dark cannot stop spinning. Making it impossible to determine who will be the Warrior Queen and Hollow King of dark or light.

Only true love and the Prince of Light can restore balance and save all living things.


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